Wine Cellar

Vinpure Velcorin Services Treats/doses Over 4 Million Gallons Of Wine, Cider, And Other Non-alcoholic Beverages Annually

VinPure provides mobile Velcorin dosing services to wineries, cider works, for wine, and hard cider and other alcohol, nonalcoholic beverages throughout California, Oregon, and Washington.

VinPure's mobile Velcorin service is available for tank-to-tank or in-line bottling and canning as requested. VinPure is the first to provide a Velcorin Pricing Matrix to assure a cost-effective pricing schedule. As a result, customers only pay for the amount of Velcorin used to dose their wine and or other beverages. VinPure is committed to service excellence and cost-effectiveness.

Wine Bottles

VinPure Velcorin Management Benefits

  • Quality assurance thanks to protection against refermentation
  • Optimization of filtration 
  • Optimization of SO2
  • Excellently effective against typical beverage spoilage yeast organisms e.g. Brettanomyces
  • Microbial Stabilization in bulk wine, cider and other beverage applications
  • Targeted fermentation stop
  • Alternative to hot filling process and tunnel pasteurization
  • Replacement for potassium sorbate